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Liquid Gold Poppers

Liquid Gold

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Hard Core

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Horse Power

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Blue Boy

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Hot Pink

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Hi Tech

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We have been proudly serving our valued customers since 2002 and our commitment to lightning fast same day service endures.

Embrace the opportunity to become one among the multitude of satisfied regular customers who relish our unparralleled service and unbeatable prices on Liquid Gold poppers and other exceptional brands of room odourisers.


If you find your self questioning this then you may have stumbled upon the wrong destination. However allow us to provide you with a brief overview.

Presently Liquid Gold and other popular UK poppers are exclusively sold as Room Odourisers. They contain the chemicals isopropyl nitrite and pentyl nitrite. These substances generally known as alkyl nitrites along with amyl nitrite have historically served mankind's well-being and pleasure. Originally utilised for their remarkable ability to swiftly lower blood pressure when inhaled by relaxing certain parts of the body, they gained popularity as an early remedy for heart pains (angina) and even an antidote to cyanide poisoning. Eventually people discovered that this relaxing effect had the added benefit of enhancing and enabling sexual pleasure.

Its essential to note that our Room Odourisers are strictly intended for purposes other than inhalation or any of the aforementioned uses.

Over time poppers carved out a significant prescence within certain circles, particularly among gay men as it facilitated their ability to be intimate as well as heightening phyisical feelings. Poppers found a new home in the club scene, first within the disco culture and later among a new generation of ravers in the 1980s and 1990s who reported enhanced enjoyment of music and rhythm.

Nowadays they are enjoyed by men and women alike.

We've been offering Liquid Gold and other poppers by mail order to happy customers for over 20 years. Always at the lowest prices available from £2.50 per bottle. We take pride in our esteemed reputation and strive daily to transform first time buyers into satisfied and loyal customers.