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Rush Poppers

10ml of the classic poppers brand Rush!

3 bottles £11.50
Tray of 20 £60.00

Reviews for Rush


These blow my head off I absolutely love them.


Excellent - but evaporates quickly

Jazzy B

Arrived Late In The Post Otherwise It Was Great Stuff - All Good Thank You


I have been dealing with you now a few months and I have to say you have given me the best service I have ever had your products RUSH LIQUID GOLD is second to none your advice and delivery times is fantastic next day delivery I will always recommend you n


Wow wow wow so glad use have this in stock now always wanted to try it and it doesnÂ’t disappoint


Takes a while to get here, quality varies. Bottles can get hot in transit, needs to be addressed.


Just got hot face. No other effects.

Andy b

Brilliant item will definitely buy again and very fast service


As above, teds to loose it`s potency very early


Gives a smooth headyness.

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