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Three £16.00
Tray (20) £75.00

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Me and my wife both think that these are the best these days. When they are fresh they are awesome, but they hold their strength for a lot longer than the 10ml bottles, this is probably due to the extra volume. We’ve been using poppers for around 30 yea


long lasting


Product rating 4 Service 5 Packaging 0 Good service but packing was poor. Two bottles out of nine ordered were smashed. The package was still damp with the comtents. No wonder the post woman was late. Product good. Strong and produced a good buzz.Order nu


nice buzz and good size bottle


Good value. I`m not sure if larger bottles wear off more quickly than smaller bottles though, as smaller ones keep the same volume sealed in separate containers.


Really good. lasts much longer than the smaller bottle.


Strong and great VFM... Thanks to all you guys at

Kash himself

the cuantity is always a value that is a great deal, this 2,5 times bigger bottle, is a good choice for those who have experienced running out fast of the smaller bottles


Quick delivery. thank you.


Good quality and last ages

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